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Beauty and Charisma Have Real Power

Beautiful People in Sales and Advertising

Beautiful female and male bodies in various states of undress have been the standard attention-getters in mainstream advertising for many years, for all manner of products, from cars to screwdrivers and it is one of the most powerful tools that marketing and advertising has. It is genetically planted into humanity to be attracted to and to like and thus to be more easily influenced by good looking people possessing certain characteristics that we want to possess as well. A study after a study has shown that people tend to buy significantly more from more attractive salespeople especially if a number of other conditions are met. 

  1. More attractive salespeople are more effective in promoting positive consumer behavior towards the product; 
  2. More attractive salespeople are even more effective when the product or service they are endorsing can be presented or marketed as relevant to attractiveness, appearance or characteristics that the salesperson possesses. 
  3. Attractive and charismatic salespeople are most effective in personal interactions and their effectiveness increases with the length of and the depth of their involvement in the interaction 

In terms of "sex appeal", numerous concepts have been proven, including the following: 

The Large, Beautiful, Struggling, Experienced, Trained and Untapped Sales Force

There are hundreds of thousands of professional and semi professional actors and actresses, models, dancers and athletes as well as people in other related professions that sadly cannot make their ends meet working within their chosen professions as usually only the top people in these professions have access to steady full time employment and to a high and steady income. The average workers in these professions are constantly between jobs and are sometimes forced to work for far less than minimum wage if they want to work within their profession. They are often forced to take low wage jobs, that has nothing to do with their chosen field and that they do not like to supplement their income. It is a sad joke among the industry that most actors are also waiters, parking attendants and bartenders.  This only helps to keep them afloat, does not help them improve in their professions, and it does not provide them with a high enough income to allow a life of high quality, wealth and success.

The Sales Excellence Corporation sees a great opportunity in helping this highly talented group of people succeed both financially and in their chosen professions, while doing something worthwhile that will help them become even better at what they want to do.
A Win-Win Situation
We believe that this is a win-win situation and that this large untapped pool of experts, if selected, prepared and trained properly can bring immense value to any sales organization and to the sales industry in general. We also believe that our system can allow the group to receive maximum satisfaction from becoming sales associates while generating high profits to our customers. 
We bring immense value to both sides.

Sales Training and Education

We provide Intensive Sales and Marketing Training and Education to our sales force, that is specifically designed to amplify their strengths while taking their weaknesses into account, to supplement what they are already good at and to make them great salespeople who can outperform and outsell even the top standard sales performers. 

The Way of Carrying and Presenting Yourself

Actors and Models already have what it takes to be great at sales. According to industry statistics and scientific research people are influenced 75% to 90% based on the salespersons looks, charisma and body language, by how they speak and present themselves; and what the salesperson says actually only accounts for a small portion of the buyers decision making. Most people are driven by their emotions first, and then they come up with or let the salesperson supply them with logical reasons to justify their emotional decisions. In this type of an environment people who have the right look and have a great level of training, control and natural talent over the way they carry their bodies and present themselves such as models, dancers and actors can be incredibly successful.
Acting and Sales Training Contain Numerous Similarities 

We understand that as performers many of them are already trained in areas that can increase their chances for sales success. This includes:

  • The skills of Researching roles and characters, can help an actor research and prepare for their clients
  • The skills of Creativity and Interpreting in knowing the looks and behavior necessary to portray the characters feelings and motives and to evoke the desired response in the audience can help to evoke the desired emotions in the buyers and the skills of Controlling their emotions, face, voice and body in portraying a believable character can further help to establish rapport and to make this interaction more believable for the client
  • Memorization skills for memorizing a great amount of dialogue in very short periods of time, that could be revised right before they begin their work, works well in being able to memorize hundreds of sales and closing techniques 
  • Having to go from audition to audition and being constantly turned down, develops a great deal of Persistence allowing them to handle rejections well, and to attempt numerous closes without giving up or becoming despondent. Actors endure long periods of unemployment, intense competition for roles, and frequent rejections in auditions, making them very tough and resilient to rejection which comes in very handy in sales where rejection is the norm and where, according to industry statistics, an average sale requires a minimum of 6 closing attempts and 5 rejections to close.
  • Physical Stamina which actors must develop while enduring heat from stage and studio lights while wearing heavy costumes, working long hours with more than one performance a day, and without getting overly tired which is even more so for athletes and dancers, helps to ensure their ability to call on numerous clients a day and to maintain a high level of energy required to close each of the sales 

    • Speaking Skills and being able to control and to carry your voice is of utmost importance in both acting and selling, and thus easily transfers to both speaking in one on one conversations and to being a spokesperson in front of a group
    • Actors spend many hours rehearsing and performing with other actors and must be physically and vocally coordinated to perform predetermined, sometimes complex movements and dialogue scenarios with other actors providing them with extraordinary Team Work abilities that easily translate into highly coordinated group sales closing scenarios
    Dramatical Education

    Also, in addition to experience, many actors also have received formal dramatic training, especially in theater, where most actors have =a bachelor's degree in Theater or similar art that easily lends itself to enhance sales abilities.

    Celebrity Status and Future Potential

    The additional benefit of utilizing actors, models, dancers and athletes for your sales force is the existing and the potential future celebrity status that these professionals bring with them. Some of our professionals have already had some exciting appearances in movies, on television and might have a following. And some might gain great notoriety and fame in the future. Imagine being able to state that Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt or Maria Sharapova used to be a salesperson for your company selling your products and services before they made it. This also increases the chances through the power of consistency that these same celebrities once they make it, will continue to endorse and to promote your products and services, guaranteeing you a type of relationship that you would most likely not be able to negotiate if you attempted to develop such a relationship with an A-List Celebrity, that has already reached a high status.

    Creating Meaning

    Unemployment among actors is as high as 90 percent which can lead to anxiety and depression and a loss of meaning and purpose, as it creates a feeling that one is not an active contributor to our society and that what they have to offer is not needed. Doing a job that one has trained for and that one is good at, makes them feel as though they have meaning and purpose in their lives. We believe that by creating in our salespeople, a sense, that what they had to offer as actors is necessary in our society, once it is utilized in the right way leads to lifestyles filled with joy and happiness, success and meaning, and restores a sense of purpose to their lives which will translate into greater value and profits for our customers. 
    We offer our actor-sales professionals a chance to continue being actors in real life as we see very little difference with them performing on a theater stage in front of an audience or in front of a client playing the role of a great sales person interested in helping the client meet their needs and desires. By doing this well, our system can, train our actor-sales associates and can increase their abilities as sales people and as actors; it can provide them with a life of success and wealth; and most importantly, it can allow them to continue on the path that they have chosen, while becoming better at their craft as every attempt at a sale is a performance, and every performance is a sale, if they are treated and regarded as one. 
    Also as sales work, mostly does not require predetermined working hours and does not have to done full time it is easy for our associates to balance sporadic acting assignments with their sales work obligations.
    Opportunities for Sales Associates
    We also offer film, television, stage and TV commercial opportunities to our actor-sales associates, knowing that being in film and television is of great importance to them. We have established partnerships with production companies and often finance productions ourselves or in a partnership with our clients, so that we can provide real acting opportunities to our sales consultants and associates. It is a great win win scenario for the employees where they get to be employed full time and can enjoy a high quality of life that comes with making a good living, but can also benefit from having access to film projects that those not working for our company do not have access to, thus giving our associates an almost exclusive access to these projects. 
    Some are promotional stage productions that are sponsored by our customers. Many of these projects are also partly funded by, and also receive brand and product placements from our customers thus providing them with the added marketing and advertising exposure that film and television brings. Our customers also benefit from the fact that our actor-sales associates are gaining added fame and celebrity status thus making theme more valuable to our customers as sales people.

    "Sex Appeal" Creates Opportunities but Demands Being Appropriate, Responsible and Tasteful

    As we all know, "Sex Appeal" is used in numerous mainstream industries and a study by the St Louis Fed cited evidence that ‘beauty premiums’ exist across many occupations including sports - an industry which often features finely tuned and toned athletes, who’s cardiovascular fitness lends itself to sexy physical appearances. 

    Dating back as far as human histroy can remember having a particular ‘look’ unquestionably creates opportunities. This is most true for businesses that are dominated by 22-45 year old male consumers or that focus on beauty and well being products, but it is also true for any business. 
    For example in a recent Forbes study which ranked the world’s top 10 earning female athletes from June 2009 through June 2010, it is clear that ’beauty premiums’ are alive and well in sports just as they are in any other industry. ‘Being sexy’ is a commodity that can augment the financial opportunities for our salespeople and can greatly increase sales for our customers. 
    Different Caliber Associates for High End Products Available
    Whether you are selling a luxury product. or a more simple consumer item or service, different caliber associates can be implemented in the same way that different levels of actors are used while making a B-level motion picture than when making a major studio grade motion picture for which you need A-list actors to make it successful.
    Balancing Opportunities and Propriety

    Even though utilizing "sex appeal" creates opportunity, it also demands extra care to balance the extra profit potential against a potential public backlash from moral zealots. Indeed it is a delicate balance, as it is for any professional – male or female – that tries to look their best and maximize their appearance, without going over the top. It requires simple things like proper dress attire and training and numerous other things to maintain that good-guy corporate image in proper balance, while maximizing revenues and profits for our clients. 
    SexyReps Sales Training System™
    We have developed a proprietary SexyReps Sales Training System™ to help our associates and sales people make more sales, utilizing their existing skills and abilities and their good looks and charisma, while maintaining that perfect balance of being appropriate and tasteful preventing improper behavior and impression on the part of the customers, the public and the sales force. 
    We have also developed the Responsible & Appropriate Use of Attraction For Increased Sales™ system, as to how to use "sex appeal", beauty and other attributes in a manner that piques curiosity and raises demand for the products and services we represent, without compromising credibility of our associates or our customers and that treats this subject in a highly responsible manner. Our system takes numerous things into account, including the sad but accurate fact that customer discrimination and emotional responsiveness exists on many levels, impacting their response to beauty and "sex appeal" across ethnicity, gender and other attributes. 
    The system also incorporates the understanding that for male representatives, beauty is neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition for increased success and that they need to either personify a winning champion mentality, a 'good guy' or an immense talent image and ideally, a combination of all three to be at their most successful at their work. Numerous other things, are also considered and incorporated and all works together to maximize returns for our customers and to increase our sales experts chances of success at making the sale while maintaining propriety.

    Dress and Make-Over
    We believe in utilizing top professional help, giving our sales associates expert make-overs, by developing a conservative style of dress and proper office and professional fashion and yet showing off the attractiveness of the staff, opting for professional good taste. Our job is to increase our sales experts credibility and gravitas, while allowing them to also bring out their attractive and charismatic qualities in the most suitable fashion. They must look their best, and yet their business best must be different from their dating best.

    It is all in is tact and approach. There’s a fine line between dressing to ‘look good’ and dressing to ‘look hot’, and that line separates the credible, serious sales professionals from the attention seekers that can cause their companies they represent to lose credibility.

    Attractiveness Training
    Training to use sex appeal in a responsible and tasteful way is all the more critical for female sales agents due to the nature of our society. For example not smiling for the first 15 minutes of any new interaction increased a woman's chances of success by 20% to 30% as it makes her appear smarter and more knowledgeable about her products and services. There are virtually hundreds of simple and more complex ways that can increase the sales teams chances of success or that can hurt an untrained salespersons chances of success. Beauty does go far - but it is a great training system that allows our team to outperform our competitors.

    The Power of Beauty and Charisma

    Buying from and being influenced by people we like is a very powerful social influencer and being able to develop this instant "liking" emotion in your customers towards your sales representative, should be considered one of the most powerful tools in any companies arsenal.  
    Earning Power
    Pretty people earn significantly more than their counterparts with average and below average looks. This is especially true in professions like sales, advertising and promotions as these jobs require more interpersonal contact and as sales people need this additional leverage to attract and to keep clients.
    The "Halo" Effect
    Physical attractiveness can give people a "halo" effect whereby others are more likely to trust them and think of them as smarter and more talented. Attractiveness also ads to the persons credibility, as studies have shown that people also believe a more attractive individual to be more credible.
    Domination of Physical Attractiveness From Elementary School to All Spheres of Life
    Physical attractiveness is a positive characteristic that dominates the way we view another person. Unconsciously, people assume that good-looking people have such traits as talent, kindness, honesty, and intelligence. Research into Canadian federal elections "found that attractive candidates received more than two and a half times as many votes as unattractive candidates", even though 73 % of these voters denied being influenced by physical appearance. Good looks in hiring interviews has been shown to have a similar outcome on the decision. Physical attractiveness also influences the outcome of judicial processes and sales. Physically attractive people are more often helped, and are more likely to persuade us, and these benefits are conferred beginning at an early stage in elementary schools.

    The physical attractiveness stereotype is a term that psychologists use to refer to the tendency to assume that people who are physically attractive also possess other socially desirable personality traits.

    Attractiveness across Cultures

    Studies have found that people tend to think that more attractive people are also happier, outgoing, successful, kinder, and more intelligent, and have many other positive traits and that Western people especially, are more willing to listen to and believe people who are judged, by conventional standards, to be aesthetically attractive. In less-individualistic cultures, beautiful people are assumed to have traits that those cultures value, such as concern for others, loyalty and integrity.


    Partnerships, Relationships and Summary

    • There are over 130,000 professional actors in the SAG-Aftra Union and there are numerous others who are non-union actors not to mention the number of models, dancers, choreographers and people in other similar fields. Most Actors are unemployed and according to the Actor's Equity Association, Actors unemployment rate hovers around 90 percent and being unemployed is a way of life for an actor. Actors and Sales Professionals posses nearly identical traits and require similar training to be successful. These traits include Speaking Skills, Persistence, Memorization Skills,  Creativity, Physical Stamina, Research Skills and Improvisational Skills allowing them to think quickly on their feet.

    Natural Attractiveness and Sex Appeal, Acting Abilities and Drama Education, combined with our Sales Training and winning formula system can translate into great results for our customers
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